Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray

Crest Medical

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Product Overview

Stericlens® is a versatile topical irrigation and wound cleansing system.

Its narrow spray is designed to help remove debris and material matter without touching the wound.

Regarded as a current market leader in its category.

Stericlens® is widely used across the NHS and private sector.

  • • Sterile saline wound wash used to promote healing
  • • Solution in an aerosol spray can, for ease of use to affected areas
  • • Helps to remove debris and material matter in wounds
  • • Bag-in-can technology enables Stericlens® to be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, making it ideal for awkward angles
  • • Reduces risk of cross infection through hygienic, spray-on application meaning no hand contact with the wound is required
  • • Multiple use aerosol can
  • • Suitable for use in medical settings
  • • Suitable for use in non-medical settings, including tattoo and piercing studios
  • • Ideal addition to larger first aid kits

100ml or 240ml


(No reviews yet) Write a Review