Elave Men's Sensitive Shave Kit


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Product Overview

Elave sensitive shave essentials are designed to be used on sensitive skin to prevent irritation and redness, leaving the skin protected, hydrated and deeply moisturised after shaving.

Elave Sensitive Men's Shave Balm 75ml is easily absorbed with soothing Aloe Vera and cooling Menthol which reduce skin irritation and redness. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E & natural Glycerin repair, hydrate and recondition sensitive skin.

Elave Sensitive Shave Gel 125ml is formulated for a close smooth shave without irritation and redness. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E and natural Glycerin protect and recondition skin while shaving. The sulfate- free shaving formula is gentle on sensitive skin and helps prevent razor drag and burn. 

Calms and soothes skin
Vitamin enriched hydration & ultra cooling action
Non-irritating contains added moisturisers to leave the skin feeling soft
Hypo-allergenic formula free from harsh chemicals
Clinically proven to be kind and mild to skin
Dermatologically approved
Safe for skin


(No reviews yet) Write a Review